• Parents may secure child care applications from the Center during regular office hours or via our website. Regular office hours are 10:00am to 4:00pm In addition to the application for admission, parents are required to have a pre-enrollment conference with the Administrator. Parents should bring their child with them to the pre-enrollment conference. This will give the child an opportunity to meet the teachers and other children and spend some time in their classroom before the first full day of attendance. During the pre-enrollment conference, parents are encouraged to share information about their child, voice their expectations of the program, and ask questions.

    Upon confirmation of enrollment into the program, the Administrator will schedule a time to meet with the parents to review all forms and requirements. The $50 registration fee and the first week’s tuition will be due at this time. It is the responsibility of the parent to report to the office any change of address, telephone numbers (home or work), employment, emergency contact person and medical information.

    Noah’s Ark Child Care Academy must have certain items on file for each admitted child. These requirements are listed below. The Administrator is available to discuss if you have any questions regarding these items. Most of these items should be received in your application packet:

    • Complete contact information for at least two authorized pick-up people
    • An up-to-date health examination, which must be renewed annually
    • An up-to-date record of immunizations must be on file
    • Completed Medical Child Statement for Childcare
    • Completed Child Enrollment Form
    • A copy of the child’s original birth certificate
    • Completed Request for Administration of Medication
    • A signed acknowledgement of receipt of the summary of licensing standards our center
    • Contact information for parents/guardians and the child’s doctor
    • An up-to-date child and adult care food program eligibility form (to be renewed annually)
    • Record of receipt of a parent handbook
    • A pick-up list of all people authorized to pick up your child from day care
    • A written arrangement concerning emergencies and emergency care (form provided by the day care)