Noah’s Ark Child Care Academy was established in 2015 when Otis Thomas was encouraged by his mentor to open a quality child care facility. He was presented with many challenges in pursuit of this dream. With steely determination, Otis Thomas applied for a small business loan and found a promising site on East 200th Street in Euclid. Together with his wife and close friends, they opened Noah’s Ark Child Care Academy on September 1, 2015 with 3 children in attendance and 2 teachers.

Within several months, our enrollment was at forty eight children and our staff at seven. Noah’s Ark continues to grow as more and more parents hear about us and the positive and caring atmosphere that our staff provides. We have continued our success and continue to stay up to date on current educational teaching methods. We are conveniently located next to Arbor Elementary School.

Through conversations with teachers from local area public schools, they are astounded at not only the academic progress of our students, but also the respectful and courteous behavior! Our program has indeed been a success, and we welcome the opportunity to give you and your child a tour of our facility!