Kindergarten Program
Age 5 – Age 6

It is the goal of Noah’s Ark Child Care Academy to offer a top quality educational program in a safe, caring environment designed specifically for children. Our purpose is to prepare each child for the future by meeting his/her current needs. We offer a comprehensive curriculum and instructional program which meets the Ohio Academic Content Standards in all curricular areas: Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies.

Five and six year old children are very eager and excited to learn and want to explore and investigate all that they see. At this age, children are able to communicate with their teacher  their ideas, thoughts, and feelings about the world they live in. At Noah’s Ark, we encourage children in our Kindergarten program to build on these skills through collaborative conversations on a variety of topics, read alouds, thought provoking questions, and allow children to express their thoughts and feelings during group activities. We also encourage your child to ask questions during science exploration and build friendships during center time. 

Our phonics program Process Phonics: Sound Reading In Education will provide your child with the skills needed to be a successful reader and be prepared for 1st grade. You will be kept current on your child’s progress through daily work sent home, verbal discussions with your child’s teacher, and grade cards sent home twice a year. We strongly encourage regular communication between you and your child’s teacher.

The Kindergarten program has each child at its focal point. Through small class size, we are able to promote self-confidence in an environment that encourages a child’s natural curiosity. The classroom atmosphere fosters the joy of learning, exploring, and growing together. Our center prepares a nutritious breakfast, lunch and snack daily. We invite you to visit our center to learn more about our Kindergarten program!