7 Potty Training Tips for (and From) Busy Parents

February 21, 2019

If your kiddo is going through fewer diapers and staying dry through nap time, it might be time to start potty training. Experts say many children are ready between the ages of 18 and 30 months, but others will need to wait until they’re three years old.

Every kid is different, so here are a few signs to help you know when it’s time to start potty training:

  • Your child can walk to and sit on a toilet
  • Your child can pull down and pull up their pants
  • Your child can stay dry for up to two hours
  • Your child can follow easy directions
  • Your child can communicate when they need to go
  • Your child seems interested in the toilet
So, is it time? If so, we have seven potty training tips to help you potty train your kiddo quickly—and with no tears and minimal stress.

Tip #1: Make Potty Training Seem Cool

When you talk to your little one about using the toilet, make it sound grown up and cool. Say things like, “wouldn’t it be awesome to potty like a big boy?” and “soon you’ll be pottying just like Mommy!”

Tip #2: Establish Bathroom Talk

What To Expect says it’s important to use technical words like “urinate” and “defecate,” but “potty” and “poop” work, too. Once you have the vocabulary straightened out with your child, they will know how to communicate with you to make the process easier.

Tip #3: Turn Motivation Into Momentum

Try rewarding your little one for each successful potty with something small, maybe a penny in their piggy bank or a cool sticker on their potty chart. Once your kid is getting the hang of it, slowly phase out the reward process and let their natural motivation take over.

Tip #4: Try Going “Nakey”

Parents’ potty training tips from real moms includes the concept of letting kiddos go naked for bathtime and then encourage them to use the toilet before or after their bath. No clothes means fewer barriers between them and the potty. Once they have a handle on naked potty time, clothed potty time will be an easier concept to grasp.

Tip #5: Teach Them “Wet” and “Dry”

Sometimes kids will worry about being wet, so it’s a great idea to teach them how to check whether or not they’re dry. This will give them a way to feel secure even when you’re not together—and when they tell you after work how they were dry at daycare, you’ll have another reason to give them a big hug!

Tip #6: Dress For Success

Time is of the essence in potty training, so you’ll want to start dressing your child in clothes that are easy for them to pull down, with no tricky snaps or buttons.

Tip #7: Get Others Involved

As it’s often said, it takes an army to raise a family. The same is true for the potty training process! Get your siblings, your friends, your child’s grandparents, and other caregivers involved. They’ll help establish a consistent experience for your child and your kiddo will love the extra praise and support.

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