8 Last-Minute DIY Halloween Costumes for Kids

October 23, 2019

Want to hear something spooky?! Halloween is just a few days away! If your little one is planning to go trick-or-treating but you don’t have a costume lined up, this article is for you.

Here are our favorite last-minute DIY Halloween costumes for kids. These are great for busy parents because they’re fun, but you can put them together with just a few supplies, most of which you can find around your home.

1| Baby Bankrobber

Image via artsycraftsymom.com

If your child already has a black hat, black-and-white striped shirt, and black pants, you’re more than 50% there on this costume. Don’t have a stripped shirt? A white shirt and some black tape will do! Finish the costume with a backpack or even a pillowcase and a sharpie or some more tape. 

2| Just Grape!

Image via chickensbeesandcheese.com

Purple balloons, duct tape, a green Sharpie, and green construction paper … that’s all you need! It doesn’t get easier than that. The best part? Keep your kid warm by using some comfy layers under the balloons and warm leggings or pants to complete the outfit. 

3| Tired Mom

Image via buzzfeed.com

This one is truthful, hilarious, and super easy to execute for older children and young teens.

4| Batman

Image via craftsmumship.com

Craftsmumship turned simple fabric into a cute retro-styled Batman costume in under an hour! Is your kid obsessed with this superhero? Make their dreams come true with this easy tutorial.

5| Audrey & Marilyn

Image via findingmandee.com

If you’ve got a pair of divas, whether they’re friends, cousins, or sisters, this costume is adorable, memorable, and easy to put together.

6| Colonel Sanders

Image via listotic.com

This one is sure to cause a chuckle! You’ll just need a little face paint, some glasses, and a few other simple supplies.

7| Tie-Blanket Ghost

Image via practicallyfunctional.com

Boo! This cute ghost costume can be reused as a poncho or blanket, plus it’ll keep your kid warm and cozy. Talk about functional!

8| Gumball Machine

Image via womansday.com

Calling all stylish procrastinators! All you need here is a headband, tanktop, tutu, small pom poms, a hot glue gun, paper, and a black felt pen.

Love our last-minute DIY Halloween costumes for kids? There are more great tips and ideas where that came from! Get crafting ideas, parenting advice, and much more on our blog.

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