• Kids and Screen Time: The Parent’s Guide

    Screen time. It’s an often talked-about topic for parents, especially because it can go both ways. On one hand, some screen time is beneficial for development for kids older than two, while too much screen time has been linked to issues like obesity, irregular sleep, behavioral problems, loss of social skills, violence, and less time for necessary play. 

    So, how much screen time is too much for kids? In the following article, we’ve assembled some research to help you define screen time for your kids and enforce limits effectively.

    How Much Screen Time Should My Child Have?

    • Birth-18 months: No screen time is recommended at this age.
    • 18-24 months: Screen time should be supervised and limited to an hour or less.
    • 24 months to five years: Screentime says that this recommendation is similar to the recommendation for 18-24 month-olds, but with an added tip … help your kids make real-world connections with the material they’re viewing. Ask them what screen-based things remind them of in the real world, and how events and actions on the screen make them feel.
    • Six years to preteen: It’s advised that you keep screen time under two hours a day.
    • Preteen to teen: At this point, it’s less important to limit the number of hours they’re in front of a screen; it’s more important to monitor what’s being shown on the screen and figure out what’s appropriate and what isn’t.

    How to Establish Screen Time Rules with Kids

    There are a few ways to help set boundaries when it comes to screen time and your kids:

    • Set a good example: If they see you on your computer and smartphone all day long, they’ll be less obliged to stick with screen time limits.
    • Establish screen-free zones: Pick a few rooms in your house where screens are not allowed. For instance, the bathroom and the dining room at dinner time.
    • Explain the dangers: This is important for older kiddos, especially. If they hear a good reason for limited screen time, they’re less likely to just blame it on you being “unfair.”

    How to Manage Screen Time and Kids

    • Make it a group activity: Join your child in watching a video or playing an interactive game. If screen time is related to positive social interactions from a young age, it will make screen time an equally positive thing in the long run.
    • Research before you download: Read reviews and look through ratings before downloading apps for your child. If you have an older child, audit what they’ve downloaded by scrolling through their home screens.
    • Schedule non-screen time together: Arrange park playdates, time at the paint-your-own-pottery shop, or trips to Auntie Melanie’s house. Make sure that kids have plans away from their devices to help them limit overall screen time.
    • Leverage technology: Parents has a list of the best screen time apps for kids. Zift is one of those apps, and as Parents says, “We love this app because it goes further than just helping parents monitor screen time. Zift offers parental controls like instant reporting of online searches, updates on newly installed apps, and alerts if your child views inappropriate content.”

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  • Holiday Activities in the Cleveland Area for the Whole Family: 2019-20 Edition

    There is so much to do with the family this holiday season in the greater Cleveland area. We did the research so you don’t have to!

    1| It’s a Wonderful Life | Dec. 18

    Image via pluggedincleveland.com

    A classic holiday movie in a classic theater—what else could be more perfect for a December night? The Capitol Theatre is hosting the Jimmy Stewart classic, and tickets include more than just a movie: they include complimentary drinks, appetizers, and admission to live music in the lobby.

    2| Scuba Claus | Now through Dec. 24

    holiday family activities in Cleveland Ohio
    Image via thisiscleveland.com

    Old St. Nick … underwater? Santa Claus goes scuba diving at the Greater Cleveland Aquarium this December! Join him and ask questions about diving and more! It’s a great photo opportunity for little ones who love Santa.

    3| Glow with the Cleveland Botanical Garden | Now through Jan. 4

    Image via mrkringle.com

    If you’ve never been to this holiday mainstay, this year is the perfect time! Enjoy over 100 gingerbread houses, a gnome scavenger hunt, decorated trees, indoor snow play area, crafting, The Garden Express Railway, and much more.

    4| Wild Winter Lights | Now through Jan. 5

    Image via clevescene.com

    The Cleveland Metroparks Zoo is hosting holiday celebrations for the public throughout December. You’ll enjoy more than one million lights, interactive zones, and the Zoo’s version of the Northern Lights. And, don’t forget to take photos with Santa!

    5| Skatetacular in the Square | Now through Jan. 7

    Image via facebook.com

    Strap on your skates for a season-long celebration including a light display, live choral performances, a Santa meet-and-greet, Trivia Night, Ugly Sweater Night, and a lot more. There will also be a nightly ticket giveaway for Trans-Siberian Orchestra’s show on December 27.

    6| Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Live | Jan. 18-19

    Image via thisiscleveland.com

    Does your little one (or do you?!) love classic Hot Wheels toys? This is your only opportunity to see the life-sized versions of iconic Hot Wheels like Tiger SharkT, V8 BomberT, Demo Derby and Hot Wheelsr Racing 1. The show will also feature the return of the King of Monster Trucks, BIGFOOTr.

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  • Kid-Friendly Thanksgiving Side Dishes

    If cranberry sauce and gravy aren’t up your kiddo’s alley, we totally get it! Thanksgiving can be tough for little ones, particularly picky eaters. That’s why we’ve put together a list of some yummy, healthy, kiddo-friendly Thanksgiving side dishes you can try this year and for years to come!

    1| Simple Roasted Apples with Cinnamon Sugar


    Does your child have a sweet tooth? Satisfy their desire for sweets while providing extra nutrition with Amy Gorin’s baked apple dish, starring lots of cinnamon. Yum!

    Recipe here.

    2| Cheesy Cauliflower Tots

    Registered dietitian Julie Harrington packs lots of nutrients into every child’s favorite package: the tater tot. She uses whole wheat panko for extra crispiness. 

    Recipe here.

    3| Maple Mashed Sweet Potatoes

    Chocolate Slopes knows how to turn vitamin-dense sweet potatoes into a smooth, creamy delight that kids will crave. The secret ingredient? Non-fat plain yogurt.

    Recipe here.

    4| Instant Pot Butternut Squash Risotto

    Adults and kids alike love the smooth and satisfying texture of risotto, but it often takes a ton of care and time to make. With an Instant Pot, it can be easy! Try this earthy, cheesy risotto this Thanksgiving.

    Recipe here.

    5| Green Beans with Brown Butter and Toasted Almonds

    How can you get your picky eater to enjoy vegetables this Thanksgiving? Nutty brown butter and crunchy toasted almonds are a great start. Best yet, these beans come together in 25 minutes.

    Recipe here.

    6| Herbed Wild Rice and Quinoa Stuffing

    Onion, tart apples, garlic, wild rice, quinoa, pecans … once you read the ingredient list, you’ll be satisfied that this recipe has the taste and texture kids will be interested in (and the nutrients you’re looking for).

    Recipe here.

    7| Sweet Pumpkin Buns

    These buns from Lands & Flavors are just too cute, and they’re great as a dipper for soup and other sides. Kids will fall in love with the clever pumpkin shape!

    Recipe here.

    8| Slow Cooker Mashed Potatoes

    Simple ingredients, easy prep, and a delish outcome. These potatoes have a 5-star rating on Food Network, and your kids will agree with the reviewers.

    Recipe here.

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  • 8 Last-Minute DIY Halloween Costumes for Kids

    Want to hear something spooky?! Halloween is just a few days away! If your little one is planning to go trick-or-treating but you don’t have a costume lined up, this article is for you.

    Here are our favorite last-minute DIY Halloween costumes for kids. These are great for busy parents because they’re fun, but you can put them together with just a few supplies, most of which you can find around your home.

    1| Baby Bankrobber

    Image via artsycraftsymom.com

    If your child already has a black hat, black-and-white striped shirt, and black pants, you’re more than 50% there on this costume. Don’t have a stripped shirt? A white shirt and some black tape will do! Finish the costume with a backpack or even a pillowcase and a sharpie or some more tape. 

    2| Just Grape!

    Image via chickensbeesandcheese.com

    Purple balloons, duct tape, a green Sharpie, and green construction paper … that’s all you need! It doesn’t get easier than that. The best part? Keep your kid warm by using some comfy layers under the balloons and warm leggings or pants to complete the outfit. 

    3| Tired Mom

    Image via buzzfeed.com

    This one is truthful, hilarious, and super easy to execute for older children and young teens.

    4| Batman

    Image via craftsmumship.com

    Craftsmumship turned simple fabric into a cute retro-styled Batman costume in under an hour! Is your kid obsessed with this superhero? Make their dreams come true with this easy tutorial.

    5| Audrey & Marilyn

    Image via findingmandee.com

    If you’ve got a pair of divas, whether they’re friends, cousins, or sisters, this costume is adorable, memorable, and easy to put together.

    6| Colonel Sanders

    Image via listotic.com

    This one is sure to cause a chuckle! You’ll just need a little face paint, some glasses, and a few other simple supplies.

    7| Tie-Blanket Ghost

    Image via practicallyfunctional.com

    Boo! This cute ghost costume can be reused as a poncho or blanket, plus it’ll keep your kid warm and cozy. Talk about functional!

    8| Gumball Machine

    Image via womansday.com

    Calling all stylish procrastinators! All you need here is a headband, tanktop, tutu, small pom poms, a hot glue gun, paper, and a black felt pen.

    Love our last-minute DIY Halloween costumes for kids? There are more great tips and ideas where that came from! Get crafting ideas, parenting advice, and much more on our blog.

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  • 10 Life Lessons & Skills to Teach Your Child by Age 10

    Your child will be celebrating their 10th birthday soon. Every day they surprise you with signs of autonomy and more personality than you know what to do with. As our kids grow up, it’s normal to wonder what benchmarks they should be hitting. For example, have you ever wondered what life lessons they should have under their belts before they blow out their 10th birthday candles?

    Here are our recommendations for life lessons to teach your child before they reach this important milestone.

    1| Counting and Using Money


    Once your child starts earning an allowance, teach them about saving using a clear jar or piggy bank, or, better yet, take them to the bank as a fun event. Explain to them about deposits and accounts and start talking to them about how much items cost.

    2| Preparing Easy Meals

    Kids as young as 18 months can start helping in the kitchen by washing veggies and fruits with you or sprinkling flour into a bowl. Older children can start to grate cheese and measure ingredients, and even master recipes like spaghetti and meatballs.

    3| Dealing With Strangers

    Your child will be encountered by strangers, so it’s best to teach them from a young age about the do’s and don’ts for these situations. Teach them about these “people they don’t know” and how to strike a balance between friendly and cautious. Most importantly, teach them how to recognize the “uh-oh feeling” and how to reach out to someone trustworthy for help when they need it.

    4| Standing Up to Others

    The basic premise of teaching a kid to stand up for themselves is to teach them to be assertive, but polite. Help them understand “I statements” such as “I think” or “I feel” and how to be honest, direct, and clear when in a dispute with someone.

    5| Cleaning Up After Themselves

    A great way to start teaching kids about cleaning and responsibility for their stuff (at the same time) is to teach them to clean their rooms. We’ve got some awesome tips here, including moving up bedtime as a persuasive move and decorating the space together.

    6| Swimming Safely

    Once kids are at least a year old, they can enroll in formal swimming lessons. At home, practice water safety and play games to help kids stay safe in the water and improve their skills.

    7| Doing Laundry

    Don’t let your kid be the one in their college dorm or first apartment without a clue as to how to do laundry. Over the Big Moon has tips for teaching young children to use the washer and dryer and nuances such as managing load size, folding, and more.

    8| Navigating

    Yes, GPS is a feature built into all smartphones, but it’s still a smart idea to teach kids how to read a map and generally navigate. Explain the cardinal directions and how to use a compass—here’s a great guide.

    9| Writing a Letter

    It’s a lost art, even for adults. Letter writing will help young kids master self-expression and hone writing skills, and someday they’ll be awesome at composing emails. Try out this diagram with your kids! It turns the basic parts of a letter into a cute teddy bear diagram, with the heading being the head, mouth being the greeting, and so on.

    10| Managing Time

    Of all of our life lessons to teach your child, this might be the most important. If your child can effectively manage time before their teens, they’ll have outpaced many working adults and will be successful in school and the workplace. Start simple with clock reading then move on to schedules for both you and your child. Read more here.

    Did you enjoy our list of life lessons to teach your child before the big 1-0? Bookmark our parenting blog for more real life advice and resources for busy parents.

    Looking for a child care team who can reinforce all the good teaching you provide for your kids? We offer trustworthy child care services for kids of all ages. Give us a call today!

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