Daycare Drop-Off Tips: For the First Day and Beyond

March 19, 2019

Our Favorite Daycare Drop-Off Tips from Real Moms and Dads

It seems like just yesterday you and your baby were coming home from the hospital, but now, it’s Daycare Eve, that nerve-wracking day before their first big day at daycare. We’ve got a few quick tips for you and your little one to minimize stress on the first day—and for many days to come!

Stay Positive

The first of our daycare drop-off tips is one we hear from lots of experienced moms and dads. If you’re calm, cool, and collected, your child is much more likely to feel confident about their first daycare day, as kids often pick up on their parents’ emotional cues.

Get Snazzy

You know that confident, secure feeling you get when you find that perfect first day outfit for a new job? Your child will feel the same if they have a cool new pair of shoes or special shirt with their favorite character on it ready for their first day at daycare—it gives them something to look forward to!

Do a Practice Round

This tip is especially important for children who haven’t spent a lot of time away from mom or dad. Go through your routine the day before; drop them off for a playdate or at a friend’s house for short visit at the same time you’ll be dropping them off at daycare. This will help acclimate them to your new routine.

Talk About It

Change is scary. An easy way to mitigate this fear of newness is to talk to your child about where they’re going. Explain where daycare is on a map in relation to your home, or show them photos of the daycare facility online.

Big Kiss (and Go!)

Leaving your child on the first day at daycare is kind of like pulling off a band-aid—it hurts, but the quicker and more confident you are while it’s happening, the easier it will be for everyone. Make sure your child knows you’re leaving, give them a big hug and/or kiss, and go. Don’t dawdle!

Be BFFs With the Staff

Make a point to be friendly with your daycare’s employees. They will be with your child often, so if they know and like you, they’re more likely to understand and connect with your child. Tell the staff about your child’s communication style, and make sure to express gratitude for the staff’s dedication.

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