Fun Indoor Games for Kids

December 17, 2018

Great ideas to try during your next snow day.

Living in the Midwest means dealing with harsh weather during the winter months. What to do when you and your family are stuck inside and your kids are bored and grumpy? How about trying some indoor games! We’ve put together a list of some easy to replicate games to try with your kids the next time that you can’t go outside and play. These will keep your kids entertained and give you a chance to spend some quality family time.

Build a Fort

A classic indoor game! At a young age, there’s nothing more fun than building a fort inside and playing in it, reading books, or watching a movie. Set up some kitchen chairs on a wide open floor, drape blankets over them, and build it up with couch cushions. Alternatively, if you have an old appliance box sitting out in the garage, cut some holes in it for doors and windows. Draw some lines on it to look like stone blocks, and you have a castle.

Build a City and Knock It Down!

Collect some juice or milk cartons and paint windows and doors on them. Alternatively, make buildings out of Legos or other blocks, if your kids have enough. Set them up on the floor like a city and then let your kid rampage through it, kicking the buildings down, like Godzilla!


If you like telling stories, then gather the kids around and read one of their favorite books. If you rather listen to stories instead, try looking for narrated stories online or try audio books. You can often find great audio books for free through your library’s website. To make your snowy day extra special, make some hot chocolate to warm you up while you read surrounded by pillows and blankets. 

Paper Airplane Race

Have your kids fold paper airplanes. Show them some different styles of paper airplane and use different color paper or have them draw designs on their planes. Stand at the end of a long hallway and see whose airplane can go farther. Alternatively, have them try to hit a target with their planes.

Indoor Obstacle Course

Set up a fun indoor obstacle course with ordinary household items. Put two chairs close together and place a broom stick across them, for something to crawl under. Put some masking tape on the floor to make a starting line, and a couch cushion a little way away, and have the kids jump over the “chasm” (unless, that is, you live in an upstairs apartment!). Set unbreakable Tupperware containers for the kids to run around. Mark out a path with some masking tape. Put coins on the kitchen tiles and have them make it across the kitchen without stepping on any square with a coin in it. You can make your obstacle course as short or as long as you want, and your kids will be entertained and get some exercise at the same time!

There is, of course, one other thing you can do: drop them off with us, and let us keep your kids motivated, interested, and properly exercised throughout the day. We know a lot of fun indoor games for kids and many other activities for them to learn and enjoy. Browse our website to for information about our different child care programs, or give us a call at 216-481-6700.

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