How to Establish a Morning Routine for Kids

May 29, 2019

Clothes to put on. Teeth to brush. Shoes to tie. There are a lot of little things you and your toddler need to do to get ready for the day, and it can be overwhelming if you don’t have a routine set. Well, we’re here to help you start one! Here are our best tips for establishing a morning routine for kids and toddlers:

1| Put Your Plan in Narrative Form

how to establish a morning routine for kids

Sit down with your child to plan out your new morning routine, and put it into the form of a story. Let your child illustrate each step of the plan. This will help your little one remember what they need to do each day, and you can refer back to your handmade book whenever there are additions or questions.

2| Start the Night Before

Planning, in addition to practice, always makes perfect. Prep for your morning each night before you and your child go to bed. Lay out the next day’s clothes, prep lunch stuff, and get their backpack or bookbag packed and ready to go.

3| Have a Morning Spot

The morning routine you establish for your kids will be made easier if they can always store and find things they need in the same spot of your home. Find a high-traffic place for shoes, coats, and backpacks, and feel free to label cubbies for easy organization.

4| Make Waking Up Fun

Forget alarms! If you’re going to get your little one out of bed in a good mood, try playing their favorite song or waking them up with a joke. This will help them see waking up as a good thing—something that will prove to be valuable well into adulthood!

5| Stick to the Routine on Weekends

It can be easy for kids to fall out of their good morning habits if you stray too far from the routine on the weekends. Stick to your daily schedule as much as you can, but make it extra fun. Reward them when they successfully follow the routine on weekends… maybe an extra TV episode or their favorite breakfast will do the trick.

6| Get Up Before the Kids

We know it’s not fun, but you’ll have to resign yourself to getting up before your kids. That way, you can take care of you before it’s time to get the kiddo crew ready for the day. Make time and space for just you and do something that relaxes and centers you, whether it’s a morning run or a strong cup of coffee.

7| Make Sure You’re Getting Enough Sleep

It will be easier for everyone to wake up if they’re getting enough sleep. As a general rule of thumb, adults need between seven and nine hours, and toddlers need as many as 10 to 14 hours of sleep per night.

8| Find the Right Child Care

The best end to your piece of the daily schedule for your kids will include dropping them off at a trusted child care provider. At Noah’s Ark Child Care Academy, we will continue on with the morning routine for your kids, from goodbyes, to naptime, to pick up.

Want more ideas and tips for busy moms and dads? Check out our blog. If you need a little help with child care, we are here for you. Explore our daycare options and get in contact with us for more info!

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