How to Get Kids to Clean Their Rooms

August 22, 2019

How to get your kids to clean their rooms—and keep them clean—in ten tips.

Do you find yourself tripping over clothes, toys, and art supplies every time you enter your child’s room? Most parents face an uphill battle in getting their children in the routine of keeping their rooms clean—but there’s good news! We’ve rounded up some of the best tips to help your kids be a little more tidy.

1| Move Up Bedtime

Let your kids know that for every misplaced item, they will need to go to bed five minutes earlier.

2| Decorate Together

Just like adults, kids are more likely to keep spaces clean if they feel a sense of pride of ownership. So, let them pick their paint color or bedspread!

3| Monkey See, Monkey Do

Kids want to be like you—you are a cool adult, after all! If they see your spotless room as the example to follow, they’ll be more likely to keep their own rooms spotless.

4| Offer Storage

If everything has its proper place, cleanup is easier. Label storage solutions like baskets and drawers so kids know where everything goes.

5| Try Cute Reminders

Do your kids brush their teeth at the same time and place every night? Put a sticky note on the mirror as a reminder: “Clean up tomorrow @ 6PM”, etc. Add another note that says, “Ice cream tomorrow @ 7PM!”

6| Make it Fun

Turn cleanup into a game! Make your clothes basket a basketball hoop and keep score, or ring a bell when cleanup is done.

7| Play Music

Many kids know the “cleanup” song that has been a staple at daycares for decades, but a great way to get kiddos excited about cleaning is to tailor a playlist for your family. Pick their favorite amp-up songs!

8| Reward Them

Incentives always help. Keep a cleanup chart and give them a star sticker for every successful session. At five or ten sessions, reward them with a cool new item for their room, like a poster or stuffed animal, or maybe take them out to get their favorite treat.

9| Declutter

Make cleaning easier on everyone by decluttering with your kids. Teach them about donation and recycling and how these exercises help their community!

And, our #1 tip for getting your kids to clean their rooms:

10| Give Them Time Off

Everyone needs a vacation. Give them a day or week off every once in a while and you’ll feel less like a mountain climber—or a broken record.

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