Our 6 Favorite Parenting Books

July 26, 2019

There are dozens of amazing, authoritative parenting blogs, but there are a few physical page turners that parents need on their bookshelves. Here is a list of our picks for the most honest and helpful parenting books for moms and dads:

The subtitle for this popular book is “Toddler Discipline Without Shame,” which is apt considering that the general theme of the book is that parenting is successful when mutual trust is established. Lansbury covers punishment, cooperation, boundaries, tantrums, and more, all with an emphasis on shared respect between parent and child.

This book is the first in the popular life stage-based series of parenting books from the 1980s. The books follow the structure of “situation you’re in” followed by “what to do about it” and “let’s talk about it.” The Cut recommends that you read these books with a glass of wine before bed and, “remind yourself your kid is not in fact a monster.”

This classic is a must-read for new parents, as it covers screaming fits and other newborn challenges. As Parents says, Karp’s number one piece of advice is, “Get help! Throughout history, young couples were never expected to care for a baby all by themselves. Also, enjoy this time—even the challenging moments. Your baby’s early months will go by in a blink.”

Barnes & Noble crowns this one as America’s bestselling baby book “must-have”, and a book that will cover everything about the first two years of your child’s life. Topics include:

  • Preparing for birth
  • Bonding with your baby
  • Understanding your baby’s development
  • Babyproofing your home
  • Toilet training
  • Working parenting
  • First-aid procedures
  • And a lot more..

This book will answer your questions about parenting and health, whether it be mental, physical, or emotional. More recent editions have been updated by leading pediatrician Robert Needlman. Look for topics like:

  • Immunizations
  • Nutrition
  • Cultural diversity
  • Raising children with special needs
  • Children and the media
  • Common disorders like ADHD, childhood depression, and autism, and their matching medications and behavioral interventions

You’ll need to reread that title a few times before you’re able to tweet or speak about it. But, the exercise is worth it, as this book has been an instant classic since it was published in 1980. The authors are real parents and cover topics with a down-to-earth approach. Topics include “Engaging Cooperation” and “Alternatives to Punishment,” among others.

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